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Monetate Embed Test

Check out this awesome infographic… Marketing Infographics


Multiplex DVD Library Management for Macs

Multiplex is a Mac-only application for managing your ripped DVD collection.  It downloads cover art and meta data for all your movies, and helps you organize your movies into sets.  Multiplex makes searching and browsing your digitized DVD collection fun and easy. Learn more and download a trial copy on the Multiplex Website. Multiplex was […]

Website Cobwebs Spring Cleaning Imminent

I realize that it’s been over six months since I last posted anything new here. Time to address this oversight. No idea what I’m going to post. At the very least, I’ll be adding some projects. Stay tuned, audience of one.


The Gospel and Culture Project Wordpress Driven Online Magazine

Designed by Able Design
Built by Alert My Banjos


Phillypreneurs Blog Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Philly

I worked with Dave Speers to build a clean, simple wordpress theme for his blog covering the exploding entrepreneurial scene in Philly.

Business Card Design Win Fame and Fortune to Follow

Wowzers. The results are finally tabulated, and I’m the third-place winner on SXSW Cards!

Ignite Philly

Ignite Philly and Coworking Back-to-back Inspiration This Wed

As a long time NPR-listening driver, podcast-distracted pedestrian and TED-watching insomniac it’s well established that I like listening to people talk. So for me Ignite Philly promises to be one of the coolest Philly events yet.


iSepta Simple Train Schedules for iPhone

The guys at Ümlatte invited me to develop the user interface for iSepta with the goal of making SEPTA’s public transit schedules easy to use while on-the go.

Wholesome Code For Healthy Websites

Finally, Another Redesign …for real this time

I tried to finish this redesign months ago. I really did. The problem is that when I’m designing my own stuff, it’s nearly impossible to be satisfied. I just stare at a half-finished Photoshop file with a puzzled look on my face.

Finally, A Redesign

I’ve finally soldiered through and put together this redesign of AlertMyBanjos. I had hoped to crank this out on Friday, but sadly, I’m a little too obsessive about my own code to turn my own project around that fast.